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I know this whole setup here is annoying. I’m getting to it.

You know what sucks?


What the fuck is up with all these stupid little boxes? This GD Reagan-Obama phone is definitely not technologically savvy enough to deal with all of WordPress’s fancy little boxes. I thought welfare was supposed to have me living the high life. I’m not really sure how to pin this misunderstanding on the liberal media, which makes me quite cross.

Anyway. My name is Melissa. I’m a person, I’m pretty sure. Used to be, anyway. Hasn’t gotten quite that impression over the past few months, after losing my entire life and everything I held dear as a result of a tumultuous 2021. If I were to wrap it up in a neat little package… I spent a year helping aliens save the world, and all I got was this lousy schizoaffective diagnosis. So now I just kind of… Wander around, because I don’t want ng anywhere, and Tru to figure out mg

belong anywhere, and try to figure out how I’m supposed to find a place where I do belong in a world that never took into consideration the existence of people who spent a year doing taking down transcriptions of absolutely bizarre alternative histories of the world, in homeless camps under bridge, and whose PTSD only got more severe as a result of wild hallucinations of Apocalypse scenarios, but refuse to give up the mission until it crumbles on its own, just on the slight chance it might actually help all the people

versions of m

, and whose PTSD only got more severe as


I just kind of wander aroun

Why are there eggs?
oh this is cute. For 1962.